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Lethal Seasons is a promising start to a series that I, for one, will have on my list of “must reads,” hopefully for some time to come...by the end, you’ll be so hooked you’ll be chomping at the bit for the sequel. Sabo threw me into a world that felt both alien and familiar, and I don’t have plans to leave it anytime soon.
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Barnes & Noble - 5 star
Posted August 14, 2014

Lethal Seasons tells the story of life ten years after a plague

Lethal Seasons tells the story of life ten years after a plague has destroyed most of the world's population.  It is Book One of  Alice Sabo's A Changed World trilogy.  I found the book very believable and the characters sympathetic.  I was drawn into the story on the first page.  This was somewhat surprising, as this is not  a genre that I often read.  It is a testimony to the author's storytelling ability that I enjoyed this so much.   I can't wait for the next book to come out to see what happens to the characters that I have come to know.  Well done!

Goodreads - 4 star
Lethal Seasons tells the story of survival in the aftermath of a deadly virus that has wiped out much of the world’s population. Infrastructure has been left in a state of disrepair and the virus returns more deadly every season – add to this dwindling livestock, destructive weather and children born with altered DNA and you’ve got Lethal Seasons.

While Lethal Seasons touches on various dark subjects ranging from cannibalism to human experimentation, it could appeal to both an adult or young audience. It is largely a character-based book and follows several strands of adventure from the mystery of a young girl’s murder, the origins of the virus and the backstory of the biologically grown, or “printed” humanoid species, the Biobots.

A great deal of thought and creativity has gone into this book, with each chapter introduced by a short extract from a diary that helps you piece together the backstory and impact that the virus has had on humanity.

The story is told at a consistent pace, and you soon get into the flow of the book – which is easy to read and enjoyable. Lethal Seasons is book one of Alice Sabo’s Changed World series, and you do need to consider this while reading it. Not unlike the first episode of a film or TV saga, book one really sets the scene and introduces the characters and despite the hostile environment, you are left with the feeling that the adventure has only just begun.


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  2. I just found these books and am totally into them, they read so interesting going from one action to the next.

    I feel like Nick and Angus and Wisp are old friend's that I could trust to keep me safe !!

    I am excited to read the next and hopefully as many as you can put out !!

    All the series are well written and flows easily, I just wish there were more I hate waiting !!

    1. Thanks, Brenda! I am working on book #3. I will have it out as soon as I can. I am still on schedule for a fall release.

  3. Please write more about the Changed World people,it just felt like there needs to be a lot more to their story. And I am hungry for it. Excellent creation.

  4. I love this series! I stayed up late at night reading & just couldn't stop. Please write more in this series. You are a fantastic writer and I do a lot of reading. :)

  5. Thank you! So glad you enjoyed them. Book 4 will be coming out this fall. Sign up for the newsletter if you'd like a heads-up on the pre-order. I only send out the newsletter when I have a new book or a free run.