Unintended Consequences

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     A gruesome crime scene shocks a small town. When faced with a bloody room and a missing body, Detective Ethan Anderson is forced to look at the dark truths of his childhood and the secrets he keeps. Evidence in the investigation could implicate his cousin—something he won't believe to be true. His loyalties are tested, but when another person goes missing, he knows what has to be done. He has to find the killer and face the consequences of exposing those long held secrets.

     Ethan knows too well that bad parents make broken children. He's about to find out how one broken child grew up to be a killer.

"Quality writing by an insightful author. Rich characters find themselves in a delicate murder investigation."
Michael Havelin, Former magazine publisher, now author of Ben Bones Mystery Adventures.

"A murder with no body, a thief who doesn't steal, a cop with a family secret—a good read you won't regret!"
Jim Weikart, mystery writer, past president, International Assoc. of Crime Writers North America.

"A terrific, well-plotted story of family secrets kept far too long. The well-drawn characters will have you guessing until the end."
RF Wilson, author of Killer Weed.

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