Children of a Changed World

Join the children of High Meadow on their adventures. Series starts 20 years after Desperate Measures.

Willow's Run (Book 1)

The Circuit winds through the isolated villages and towns of the Survivor’s Alliance bringing news and mail, along with seeds and livestock for sale. This is Willow’s first run as Boss, and she’s eager to prove herself.

The big Circuit Wagon, pulled by a team of four horses, headed out from the train station with a young crew for a trip that could take months. Willow’s got an experienced guard captain, a Doc, a Judge and a Vet to help her deal with any problems along the way, but storms, raiders and wild animals are only a few of her trials as she guides her crew through a harrowing journey. She may have to rely on the arcane skills that she inherited from her father, Wisp, to get everyone home in one piece.

Willow's Run cover small.png
Book 2 is in the works with a fall 2021 release planned.