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Children of a Changed World

Join the children of High Meadow on their adventures. Series starts 20 years after Desperate Measures.

Reading Order:
     1. Willow's Run
     2. Circuit Breaker
     3. Willow's Town
     4. Micah's Ordeal

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Willow's Run (Book 1)

The Circuit winds through the isolated villages and towns of the Survivor’s Alliance bringing news and mail, along with seeds and livestock for sale. This is Willow’s first run as Boss, and she’s eager to prove herself.

The big Circuit Wagon, pulled by a team of four horses, headed out from the train station with a young crew for a trip that could take months. Willow’s got an experienced guard captain, a Doc, a Judge and a Vet to help her deal with any problems along the way, but storms, raiders and wild animals are only a few of her trials as she guides her crew through a harrowing journey. She may have to rely on the arcane skills that she inherited from her father, Wisp, to get everyone home in one piece.

Circuit Breaker (Book 2)

The Survivor’s Alliance is expanding, and Willow has been chosen to take a wagon into uncharted territory. The Circuit Company promised her the best crew, supplies and special new wagons, but it all had a very bumpy start. The wagons were late, the crew was unconfirmed, and she started to have serious doubts. Things never go as planned. Their journey took some unexpected twists culminating in the biggest surprise of all. Willow’s crew will need to make some life changing decisions.

Willow's Town (Book 3)

Willow has a whole town to manage now, but nothing is going to plan. Washburn ran the town with an iron fist and an appetite for cruelty. People are fearful and evasive. She has to prove that with her people in charge the residents won’t be seeing more of the same. Micah warns her to be patient while Jake tries to establish the animal hospital, and Jane sets up care for the people. But damaging storms, vindictive raiders and mutant animals are going to test her more deeply than ever before.

Micah's Ordeal (Book 4)

Winter arrives early and with it dangerous complications for Willow and Micah. A lethal storm sweeps in without warning. When Micah goes missing, Willow has to reach out for help from unexpected sources. As the snow piles up, Bear fears the worst, but there are some bright surprises on the horizon that no one saw coming.

Book 5 coming in 2024

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