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Angus's Currency

There are three coins being used in the Survivor's Alliance. They were originally designed to be used at the cafeteria in exchange for labor and services. 

1. A Meal is a square coin with a stylized sheaf of wheat. It can be redeemed for a full meal at the High Meadow cafeteria. A full day's work is worth three meals.

2. A Chip is a rectangle with a cup. It is one third of a meal and can be used to purchase a single item - a bowl of soup, sandwich or dessert, or a second serving of a single item.

3. A Dot is a triangle with a drop of water.  There are 3 dots to a chip, 9 dots to a meal. Dots can be used to purchase beverages such as tea or coffee and are often used as tips for the kids to run errands.

Maps (more to come)
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