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Transmutation (Space Fantasy) - Book 6 - 2024

Children of a Changed World (Fantasy) - Book 5 - 2024

Tales of Haroon (Fantasy) - Book 7 - 2024

Oleander's Irregulars - Book 4 - 2024

Interstellar Protectorate of Earth - Book 3 - 2025

A Changed World (Post-apocalyptic) - complete at 5 books

Asher Blaine Mysteries Series - complete at 3 books


Here's a round up of recent online interviews...

Thrills and Mystery Podcast

SFFWorld cover reveal for Charade

SFFWorld cover reveal for Gleanings

Georgia Ruth Writes - talking about A Changed World Series

Pretty-Hot Author Interview

Nonlocal Science Fiction review of Lethal Seasons

Nonlocal Science Fiction showcase of Lethal Seasons

The Story Behind Lethal Seasons at

Smashwords Interview

Library of Erana Interview

Kris Wampler's Blog

To follow Alice's writing progress and for regular book offers, be sure to check out the blog.

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