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Urban Fantasy


Miller Watkins was an FBI agent until he met the Darkness face to face and failed. Now he works for Oleander fighting the Darkness, however he can, to protect the city he loves. With the help of some supernatural creatures, a couple of dream-sibyls, an invisible housekeeper and his own considerable powers, he solves the problems of the arcane community. Or tries his best.


When a teenage girl goes missing, he must unravel a tangle of coincidences that dog his investigation at every step. Something larger is at stake than a simple missing person, and he must solve that riddle before he can move forward.


The ever-present Darkness is growing, and Miller must use every skill, strategy and artifact that he can come up with to keep it at bay...


...or die trying.


Miller has his hands full when a powerful binding comes undone causing a shocking explosion in the city. Cooper asks for his help to come up with a mundane explanation for a major arcane event. A stranger appears on the road to the Stronghold putting Miller on alert. All the while, he has to take care of the people in his community who are fast becoming an odd but wonderful family. With threats on all sides, Miller struggles to solve the strange puzzle of who and what was released before the Darkness can get an upper hand.

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Book 3 coming in Late Spring 2023

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