Tales of Haroon - Fantasy

High Barrens 

Flint thought that growing up in the dangerous frontier town of Far Enough, with six older brothers, would prepare her for anything…until she met the monster.

She had worked hard for a chance to study at the school for Wizards and Weirdlings, but things went sideways when powerful magic turned her world inside out. Seeing a cruel injustice, Flint had to take a stand to protect the life of a dangerous being.

Her carefully planned journey took an exciting and dangerous detour of monsters and forbidden magic leading to the discovery of who she really wants to be.

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For as far back as he could remember, Chance had been able to feel wrongness in the world. With that also came the ability to sense rightness, but that didn’t mean he could always fix it. And sometimes that knowing got him into a lot of trouble. Until he met Brand.

Chance knew as soon as he saw him, that working for Brand was right. It gave him a safe place with people who accepted his odd knack. Until the day the wrongness was so big he blacked out.

With monsters and magic invading his simple life, Chance has to learn how to use his inborn abilities to keep safe those he cares about the most.

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Shattered Landing

Sylvie has been the soul seeker for a small village on an island in the Great Sea for all of her life. She makes sure that all of the fisherman make it back home regardless of storms or accidents. When a stranger arrives in a boat propelled by magic, her life is upended. Ludwyn demands that she join him on a mission to find the perpetrator of forbidden magic. He wants to use her ability to locate an extremely dangerous wizard. Despite her reluctance to leave her village, she’s intrigued. Along the way, they meet up with more Dwyners and soldiers, people who she considers to have more appropriate skills for this perilous endeavor. Incursions of bloodthirsty monsters from a different plane delay their quest. The barriers between worlds are thinning. Somehow they must prevail to protect the people of Haroon from a flood of lethal creatures, but the hardships she faces are almost enough to break her.

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