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Transmutation Series
Space Opera with telepathic skills that border on magic.

Reading Order
1. Facade
2. Charade
3. Dilemma
4. Entangled
5. Crux
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Click HERE for Contraband, a free short story with Hunter and Trash when they were working for Galactic Intelligence

FAÇADE (Book One)

An undercover mission goes critical for Hunter and Trash when a woman becomes deathly ill. They take her to the galaxy-renown Alleviators, only to discover some disturbing inconsistencies.

Elaan was a waitress following the shadow of a dream she couldn’t quite express. Everything changes the day she meets Hunter. 

Hunter, an experimental Human, was raised by the Alleviators in their isolated enclave Clouded Vale. Coming back to his childhood home as an agent for Galactic Intelligence has him seeing things he’d never noticed before. Their latest patient causes a dramatic shift in everything Hunter had thought to be true.

The ancient buildings and dusty libraries of Clouded Vale may hold the answer to centuries old questions. Hunter is determined to find those answers without endangering his adopted family.

CHARADE (Book Two)

As Elaan learns about who and what her species can do, the galactic government pressures her for more information on the enemy that they are hiding from. In the chaos of the brand new Iguacan embassy, Elaan must decide which secrets are too dangerous to share. Her people have abilities far beyond what they show to the galaxy.

Somewhere beyond the Four Rings lies the territory of the Surentur. Hunter and Trash want to investigate, but they have to find it first. To protect the Iguacans, they need a better understanding of the military might of their age-old enemy.

Hunter’s past endangers them all when a woman he’s never met makes revelations about his origins. Old ghosts rise up to distract him at a time when he most needs to focus.

DILEMMA (Book Three)

Tensions rise as Elaan begins a delicate dance between the UCFS’s demands and her people’s needs. An unexpected gift of knowledge leaves her reeling.

Hunter has to deal with the new revelations about his origins, the trial and the resulting repercussions, all the while working to keep his family safe.

Trash gets a chance to rescue a brother in need and add him to the Embassy’s staff.

More Iguacans flood into the Embassy seeking sanctuary. More unusual gifts are discovered. And with every secret learned, Elaan uncovers facts she’d rather stay buried.

EBOOK BUNDLE - Books 1-3


While Elaan deals with the influx of Iguacans from all over the Four Rings, pressure builds from Centralplex. She knows that just being safe is not enough for her people. Ripples and rumors about them have reached the Delta Quadrant with dangerous consequences. More now than  ever she needs the guidance from her advisors of all species to balance the threats -- political and physical.

And somehow, she must still keep their true nature a secret.


CRUX (Book Five)

When a ship with a Message Carrier is attacked, the Iguacans are forced to expose one more secret, resulting in a delicate dance of deception with the UCFS. Enemies are pushing their way into the 4 Rings and the embassy is on high alert.

The truth behind the ancient Iguacans who fled to Soona is slowly unraveled showing them more about their troubled past. An unexpected source brings them more information about the current state of the Delta Sector, and an ominous warning.

The ongoing situation with the Condrisites is angering the Mycastrians. Elaan knows that it is important for them to gain their own autonomy, but at what price for her people?

With new advisors and new skills, Elaan is working hard to keep her people on the true path. But with every odd occurrence and stranger she learns that they must move with the tide of events or be pulled under.

Book 6 coming in 2024

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