Thursday, September 29, 2016

October is a Busy Month

I feel like I am finally getting a handle on this marketing thing. And I think October is going to tell me whether or not I've got it right. I've planned a lot of promotion. Fingers crossed that it all works out.

October 3 - cover reveal for Gleanings. You will get to see the fabulous cover that Alex created at SFFWorld and then here on the blog.

October 2 - 8 Facade ebook will be discounted to 99cents.

A map reveal for A Changed World is still in the works.

October 14 - 18 Lethal Seasons will be free in the run up to Gleanings ebook release.

October 19 Gleanings, A Changed World #3 ebook release date.

October 19 - 25 Gleanings ebook available at a discounted price of 99cents.

The paperback for Gleanings will be out late in the month.


And now I need to get back to outlining book 2 for the Transmutation series and a flash that I promised to a Christmas anthology.

Thursday, September 22, 2016

A Lot Going On!

I am not quite in panic mode because of all the great stuff going on right now, but it's close!

Alex Storer is working on a cover for Gleanings. I've seen the drafts and it is amazing! I can't wait to do the reveal for it. I'm working on setting up the reveal with SFFWorld. More exciting news. I don't have a date yet. But as soon as they get back to me I will post it here.

James at Curious Cartography is working on a map. It's just in the preliminary stages, but I am super excited about that, too. I have wanted a good map for this world since the first book. And I have had plenty of requests for one. Really looking forward to seeing how this turns out.

Lethal Seasons will be included in the Apocalyptic Fears III boxed set, slated to be out October 1. David Van Dyke/Reaper Press has been very easy to work with. This is a new adventure for me. Fingers crossed that it brings in new readers.

In addition to the usual box set of novels, David is putting together an anthology of short stories for Apocalyptic Fears 6. It's in the works now. I submitted a short story that hints at the beginning of the disaster that turned into A Changed World.

I hadn't looked at that story in a long time. When I wrote it, I was very proud of it and shopped it around. It racked up one rejection after another. I couldn't understand their comments and just took it to mean that it wasn't right for those editors. Looking at it, with a few novels under my belt, I saw lots of problems. Most of which stemmed from not getting all the information out of my head and onto the paper. It only took a few tweaks to make it a much better story...I hope.

In October I will be dropping the price on Facade and doing a limited run of free for Lethal Seasons. Sign up to my newsletter and I'll let you know when it happens.

Thursday, September 15, 2016

Lots of News

First off - I have set a release date for Gleanings: October 19.

Alex is now working on the cover and James is working on the map. Very exciting! I can't wait to see what these two talented guys come up with.

In the lead up to Gleanings release, the Lethal Season ebook will be free from October 14 - 18. Tell all your friends to grab their free copy.

In other news, Lethal Seasons has been select for an ebook boxed set promotion. I'm very excited about this. It will bring my book to the attention of a lot of new readers. I'll share more information on this as soon as I get it.

Facade will also get a promotion in October. It will drop to $0.99 for the week of October 2 - 8.

There's a lot coming up. Sign up for my newsletter if you want to hear about new books, free books and discounts.

Thursday, September 8, 2016

A Changed World Update

Good news - I just got Gleanings back from the 2nd round beta reader. She gave me some great feedback.

Bad news - it's going to need more rewriting.

Not sure what's up with this one, I'm just having a hard time with it. But I think I can see where the fixes need to go.

More good news - Curious Cartography will be doing a map of the world. I am really excited to see what he does with it. I'll post pictures as soon as I've got them.

As usual, I will have a cover by Alex Storer. We have just started talking about it. I'll be doing a reveal as soon as it's done.

That's it for today. I need to go spend time on writing!

Thursday, August 25, 2016

First Appearance!

Drumroll please!

I am attending my first convention as an author!

I will be a panelist for Atomacon. November 18-20th at the Airport Hotel (used to be a Radisson) in North Charleston, SC.

They haven't finalized the schedule yet, so I'm not sure what panels I'll be on. They had some great ones to pick from. I will post it here as soon as I know.

I'm still working on getting my books at a dealer. This time around, I will be using their bookseller. I'm not set up to sell. I don't have a smartphone and I don't have a tablet, so selling by credit card wouldn't be easy. This will make my first time a little less stressful. I am sure I will learn at lot. And it's more about meeting people than selling books.

I haven't been to a convention since Dragoncon gave me overload a couple years ago. The crowds overwhelmed me. And it made me sad that I had to miss some great panels because I needed to sit in a line to see a different great panel. Everything was mobbed, at all times. Being a small person (5' tall) crowds get scary. I get shoved around easily and then I get a sort of crowd-rage and need to get out of it or I'll flip out.

So I am starting small. I like small conventions. They are more relaxed. This is also the first time I have been to Atomacon. I'm looking forward to checking them out. The organizer I've been communicating with couldn't have been nicer. That seems like a good omen.

So if you are in that neck of the woods, I'll see you in Charleston in November!

Thursday, August 18, 2016

Facade Free 8/18 - 8/22

The Facade ebook is free at Amazon starting today! Grab a copy now because this is a limited time offer. This is only good through 8/22.

It is always available to read for free through Kindle Unlimited.

I'd appreciate an honest review after you've read it.

Thursday, August 11, 2016

Rain, Rain, Blighty Tomatoes and Shaggy Lawns

It feels like it has been raining every day since I got back from my trip. And looking at the garden I think it may have started right after I left.

The ground is saturated. A neighbor's tree came down in a stiff wind. The garden flooded for the first time in years. The river is high and we keep getting flash flood warnings.

The veggies aren't happy. The cucumbers gave up the fight against gray mold and look nasty. I sprayed the tomatoes for blight before I left and as soon as I got home, but it keeps raining. In fact, it rained the afternoon after I sprayed.

The lawn keeps getting longer. On the few days that I have managed to score a dry period and taken my walk, I can see that my neighbors are having the same problem. Every time I plan to mow, it rains. They say you shouldn't cut the grass when it's wet, but I really don't have a choice.

On the plus side, I haven't had to water anything. And the green beans are pretty happy with the heat and wet. My basil is mostly happy. The lemon basil got squashed by a massive sunflower that pitched over in a storm. One of the other basils has an odd discoloration to the leaves. I need to research that before I make pesto.

The winter squash in one bed was totally devastated by squash beetles. But the patty pan squash that I had put in the red mustard bed is going great guns. A volunteer winter squash that came up in the middle of some volunteer catnip is also doing well. And the edamame is out of control.

Two of my tomato plants are still fighting. My Purple Cherokee is on its last legs. A shame because those tomatoes were yummy. At least I got to taste them.

Regardless of my plans, Mother Nature does what she will.