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Science Fiction - Colonization

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They came to bring life to a barren planet, but a lethal betrayal left them battling for mere survival.


Carol had plans for farms, parks and forests, but now she must fight the elements to get crops growing before they run out of food.

Gary wanted a new life. He signed up to build houses for the homesteaders, but deadly sabotage permanently changed the course of his future.

Tucker was thinking about retirement from law enforcement on a new planet with few problems until the deaths and disappearances began.

Together they have to push past the lies and deceptions to survive in a punishing environment with no hope for rescue.


Pirates, megafauna and natural disasters…

When the settlement on Blunder becomes too dangerous for them to remain, Tucker looks for alternatives. A surprise offer gives them a new chance at homesteading but will take them on another hazardous adventure. Tucker, Carol, Gary and the crew try to get past the disappointments and betrayals of the past, but trusting their new corporate partner is difficult. Especially when it hinges on their hopes and dreams for their future.

Book 3 coming in 2025

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