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A Changed World Series
In the aftermath,  everyone left will be needed to remake the world.

Reading Order
1. Lethal Season
2. Scattered Seeds
3. Gleanings
4. Lessons Learned
5. Desperate Measures

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Ten years after the virus changed the world, Nick counts the people left. On one of his bartering trips, he stumbles on a murdered woman. Nick discovers that her siblings are in danger and sets off to rescue them with the help of a fugitive biobot and stolen weapons.


As High Meadow deals with troublemakers, Wisp sets out to rescue Nick.

In the search for answers, Nick discovers the country’s infrastructure is teetering on the brink of collapse.

Angus predicts that the high mortality rate from flu could cause disruptions causing people to flee.

Tillie scrambles to plan for winter without train food. They once more have to learn how to live in a changed world.

GLEANINGS (Book Three)

As starving, travel-weary people overrun High Meadow, Tillie and Angus must do a delicate dance to keep the doors open. Angus has set the boundaries for their new territory and Martin is tasked with keeping it safe. Tillie struggles to get everyone fed while keeping an eye on the stores for winter.

Within the flood of people, not all are who they seem to be. The gentle people of High Meadow need to prepare for war or lose what they cherish most.


While a wildfire threatens High Meadow, an uninvited guest sows seeds of dissent.

The president arrives at High Meadow with his entourage of bureaucrats and faux-military. Tillie and Angus don’t have time for any distractions as a massive wildfire bears down on their settlement. It will take more than hard work and good intentions to get them through this catastrophe.

Martin is leery about sending all of his men to aid those in the path of the fire thereby leaving their borders unprotected. They are most vulnerable in their commitment to help others.

Wisp and Nick work the fire lines seeking out people fleeing the raging flames. Only Wisp can find those lost in the heavy smoke, risking his life to bring them to safety.

Behind their backs, certain people are questioning every decision. At a time when they most need to work together, the outsiders are creating divisiveness.


The stability of the Survivor’s Alliance is still fragile. They made it through the winter, but now it’s flu season. Every year the virus changes just a little. Tillie and Angus are trying to prepare for every scenario, even the possibility that they will be the first to go. Nick is working to bridge the gap in supplies until the spring crops come in. Wisp and Bridget are preparing for the birth of their child. But there are changes coming that no one expected.

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The complete series all in one place.
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This series is complete for now.
Look for the adventures of High Meadow's next generation in
Children of a Changed World Series

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