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Asher Blaine Mysteries

Reading order

1. White Lies

2. Dark Deed

3. Blood Relations

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Asher was quietly putting his life back together in a suburb of LA when the police came for him. For murder. All the evidence pointed to him and his history of drugs and drinking didn't help. But a friend was dead, and he had to find her killer without tumbling back into the rabbit hole of substance abuse.

Asher realizes he must mend all his burnt bridges a lot soon than he'd planned When he turns to the people he trusted most, he discovers he must convince them not only of his sobriety, but of his innocence.

Available in paperback, audiobook and ebook format

Audiobook SampleNarrator Scott David Reeves

Asher's in trouble, again. 

He’s about to film his first big movie since he got sober. Messing up now will mean the end of his career. To get ready, he's rented a cottage in the Blue Ridge Mountains of North Carolina where they will start filming in a few weeks. Although he’s thousands of miles from his family and friends, he’s looking forward to the challenge. 

But on his first day there, the trouble started with a car crash. Then he found a body in the woods.

Or did he?

When the sheriff arrives, it’s nowhere to be seen. He worries that this was some sort of sick practical joke. And then he worries for his own life.

There are more dark deeds brewing in the mountains. An explosion starts a wildfire in the woods behind his cottage. Then a rockslide pushes his car off the road. 

Is someone trying to kill him, again? 


Murder, suicide and a ghost from the Civil War.

Asher’s stuck in a strange old hotel in the middle of a cornfield in Kansas. He’s trapped on a retreat with the cast of his latest movie. There had been some bad feelings and worse behavior that disrupted the filming. To fix that, the studio sent them all out to the cornfield until they learn to get along.

Then an actress goes missing starting a cascade of events that has Asher up to his neck in lies, deceit and bad coffee.

When vultures start circling that cornfield, Asher knows that there’s a body in there. But it’s not who he expected. Things get more complicated when a new guest checks into the hotel. She’s got ties to the cornfield that might turn lethal for them all.

Series is complete for now

All 3 ebooks at a discount
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